Friday, May 14, 2010

Don't buy in Spain - buy in Marbella!

It is really fascinating but whilst property prices continue to tumble in Spain generally, in the key area of Marbella and its very near surrounds, more and more buyers are appearing. However - everybody is looking for the proverbial bargain! Bearing in mind the press have made much out of Spain's financial misfortunes it is not surprising that it's the exceptional priced properties, by and large, that are moving.

What we are currently doing at Trinity is to specialise in bank repossessions, distressed or forced sales as well as property going into the local offical auctions although the latter is a more complex affair.

People can buy now a property they couldn't have afforded previously so the second home in the sun has become a possibility for many who have hesitated for many years. Additionally - and probably the bulk of the new wave of buyers - many are now buying to sit on for a while in order to make a handsome profit when times are better. If a property is rented out during this time, it will certainly cover all its maintenance costs and plus.

Think about it!
Regards, Marco

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