Monday, April 11, 2011

Good news at last!

"Sales edge up due to foreign interest" is the catchline in this week's 'SUR in English' local newspaper.
It appears that interest from foreign buyers have gone up by 43% this year and that there is now concrete evidence of light at the end of the tunnel. The newspaper continues with: "The storm of the financial crisis has relented for the British, Germans, Scandinavians and Russians who are once again showing an interest in the Costa del Sol, and mainly in Marbella, attracted by reductions in the asking prices of properties".
Sales have, it seems, have increased by 31% over the previous quarter. With the actual highest number of new buyers coming from the UK or Germany, 30% of all buyers will choose something in the Marbella area.
The same newspaper has a lengthy report on the enormous amount of work that has been done in creating the new promenade which runs from San Pedro to past Marbella itself.

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  1. Finally the media are catching on to what all the agents already know. Question is now, how long the UK press will take. They always seem to be the last to know.